A Healthier, Happier You

“Everything you have ever felt or done in your life was due to brain function. At the most basic level, the intricate firing rates and patterns of your brain both determine who you have been and, more importantly, who you will become. All human change represents changes in that individual’s nervous system. All that we are is brain-derived. ”

If you are tired of not living a life that you love, read on.

Life doesn't come with a road map.  We would certainly save a lot time with broken hearts and awkward moments with friends, family, and potential loved ones if it did.  

The truth is though, you already have the road map to be healthy and happy and confident inside you.  Your brain controls everything about how you move and operate in the world. 

Everything you are is brain derived.  From the way you breathe, to the way you stand.  Your vision, your balance, your confidence in life, all of these things are directly the result of how well your brain is functioning.


and the best way to improve your brain is through a very specific and targeted approach to train your brain to be able to work the way you want it to, and more importantly the way you need it to to be the best version of yourself possible.

In the rapidly growing field of Performance Neurology, we can do exactly that.  Not only will we do a comprehensive set of assessments to see where you are at now, we will streamline the process to get you to where you want to be as easily and effortless as possible.  

We will assess your visual function, your balance, your base-evel of movement, and we will work together to fine-tune how those systems work for your brain and most importantly for your goals in and out of the gym.  

ONe of the major problems with traditional fitness and nutrition approaches is that there is never any serious focus on the underlying reasons you move the way you move or feel the way you feel.  ON occasion lip service may get paid to the significance of the brain but that is not enough to truly make the long-lasting changes t your life that you deserve.

"Everything that you are is brain derived"

If you exercise to improve your life but neglect the other major componenets of how you experience life you are leaving a lot of results on the table and likely spending more time than necessary chasing the lackluster results you do get, if you are getting any at all.

Your vision directly effects your posture, your pain, your stress and anxiety levels and your movement.

Your balance systems directly effect your mood, your posture, your strength, your endurance, and your diegestion.

How well you breathe directly effects your stress level, your mobility, your strength, and your focus.

Things that you carry with you not only in the gym but outside of it often get neglected, if not overlooked entirely in most fitness programs.  By specifically assessing and training these major brain areas, you not only get more out of your efforts in the gym, you create a framework for upgrading the operating system of your brain.

Every client I work with is treated as an individual and no two programs look alike.  Your needs are your needs and what makes you better may not make the person next to you better.  That is why everything we do together is highly individualized and we work together every step of the way to design the absolute best program for YOU!

What each program includes:


-Full Brain-Based Performance Assessments

-Fast Track Goal Targeting
-Personal Vision Assessments
-Personal Balance Assessments

-Personal Breathing Assessments
-Individualized Neuro Training Plan
-Individualized NeuroMetabolic Nutrition Plan
-Breathing for Brain Health and Performance
-Dynamic Mobility for Posture, Stretching For Strength Video Series
-Bi-Weekly Online Strategy Sessions With Me

-Social Suppleness Skill Builder
-Early and Exclusive Access to Brain Science and Movement Education Videos
-Access to Your Very Own Online Brain Portal

-Experience the Latest and Most Cutting Edge Science in Training, Nutrition, Athletic Performance, Brain Health, Longevity, and Social High-Performance

If you are serious about becoming a better version of yourself than you ever thought possible, click below and let's see if we are a good fit together. 

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Bryan and I have been working together for almost 2 years.  First in a gym environment and now via Google Hang Outs as he lives in Denver and I live in Aspen.  I am 80 years old, have COPD and am on oxygen 24/7.  Because of my lung disease we have focused  on helping me breath better.  Also we have working extensively on movement, nutrition and the role our brain plays in every day living. Bryan's unique and knowledgeable  approach to over all health and wellness comes from the many classes he has taken over the years.  He is  excellent in passing this knowledge on to his clients be  it  a sports injury or a disease that need attention.  Personally I have greatly benefited from his understanding of my lung disease and the problems I have in dealing with it on a day by day basis.  My over all health has also greatly improved due to him seeing me as a whole person.  My family agrees that Bryan as been a major force in my life.  I strongly suggest everyone to seek out Bryan if they want a better, more healthy life.  He knows and lives what he teaches.  I will be working with Bryan for year to come.

Terrye W. Age 80