Back Pain Relief Exercise You Must Try

Nov 24, 2022

Do you ever suffer from back pain? Well, today I'm going to show you one of my favorite ways to deal with back pain. Bear with me, because it's probably one you're not familiar with.

My name is Bryan. I've been in the health and wellness world for about 20 years, and I've been doing pro metabolic coaching for close to 10. Today, I'm going to show you one of my favorite tools, fixing your back pain, and that tool is your vision.

One of the things to think about when it comes to your visual system, most of the sensory input you receive throughout the day, most of the information going to the brain is coming through your eyes. And so how well your eyes work and how well your brain is processing, that visual information can have a direct effect on how well you move.

One of the things that controls eye movements neurologically is an area of the brain that was very close to where the parts of the brain are that control body movements.

What that means is that every time you move your eyes, you're also waking up brain areas associated with body movement.

How well you move can have a direct effect on your pain. So we're going to use vision today to help improve your back pain.

What we're going to do here, we're going to do an exercise called a saccade.

What is the saccade consists of is a rapid eye movement, and here's how you're going to train it. You're gonna get these very expensive neurological tools called a pen, you're going to come out a little bit beyond shoulder width, maybe a little bit closer, whatever you can comfortably hold, you're going to look at one, and now, look at the other and you're going to jump back and forth with your eyes from one target to the other.

Aim for about 10 total, one position to the other and then see how your back feels.

And if it feels better, awesome. If it doesn't, that may not be the thing for you, but it is worth having in your tool belt because it can have a tremendous effect on how well you move your spine.

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Take care.

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